A New Kind of Curiosity Shop

THE WOODS is more than a curiosity shop. More than a lovingly curated gallery. It is a cabinet of curiosities—that miniature world of marvels that recalls a time when strange, simple things still had the power inspire awe and wonder. Tucked away on a sleepy block near Mission Dolores San Francisco, The Woods is 300 square-feet of unexpected treasures, from the whimsical to the strange.
There are shadowboxes and insect dioramas; paintings and jewelry; naïve and outsider art; silhouettes and assemblages; loved-to-death toys and taxidermy oddities; and an ever-changing array of one-of-a-kind wonders, many created by Lisa and Sandy Wood, co-founders and sisters in life and art.
The world is growing tamer and “samer” day by day. Come away to a strange and special place. A place that will enchant you, surprise you, and maybe even change you a bit. Come away to The Woods.